Risk Management

Dodano dnia: 28-04-2020 13:50:19

Risk Management


Pamiętaj, że zgodnie ze strategią PSND, powinieneś założyć SL na konto w min. wielkości 5% depozytu.


Signal without Stop Loss (Sygnały bez Stop Loss)

$100-$200=0.01 lot size (Max 2 trades)
$300-$400= 0.01 lot size (Max 3 trades)
$500-$600=0.01 lot size per trade (Max 4trades)
$1000=0.01 lot size per trade (Max 5trades)
$2000=0.01 lot size per trade (Max 6trades)
$3000=0.01 lot size per trade (Max 8trades)
$4000=0.01 lot size per trade (all Trades)


Signal with Stop Loss (Sygnały ze Stop Lossem)

$100-$200=0.01 lot size (Max 2 trades)
$300-$400=0.01 lot size (Max 3 trades)
$500-$600=0.01 lot size per trade (Max 4 trades)
$1000=0.01 lot size per trade (Max  6trades)
$2000=0.02 lot size per trade (Max 7 trades)
$3000=0.03 lot size per trade (Max 7 trades)
$4000=0.04 lot size per trade (Max 7 trades)
$5000=0.05 lot size per trade (Max 7 trades)



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